Baranivka is an administrative centre of Baranivka’s District of Zhitomir region. It is situated for about 78 km. to the South – West from Zhitomir on the both banks of the river Sluch.
The town total area is 2233.56 hectares.
The population is 12100 people.
Baranivka is connected by motor transport with Zhitomir, Kyiv, also with region towns and district villages.
The town’s authorities present two schools, one high school, one professional educational institution, a sport leisure centre for children and youth, the Centre of cultural development and one preschool establishment.
The cultural palette of Baranivka is represented by the Palace of culture, children’s school of arts, Museum of China, Museum of regional ethnography and three libraries.
Baranivka can be called as oasis of sport. Annual competitions in athletics kinds of sport, many open tournaments of football, mini-football, chess, volleyball and other kinds of sport are the original visiting-card of the town. The most popular among the sportsmen are the Palace of sport, the municipal stadium and many sports grounds.
Baranivka’s history spans more than four centuries. At first this town was recollected in Lithuanian chronicle in March, 1565 as the settlement of the Great Lithuanian Principality. The other most important and relevant point in the town’s biography is considered the beginning of the XIX century, as at that time building of Baranivka’s china plant was commenced. Since that time Baranivka has been also called as the Queen of porcelain.
Nowadays Baranivka is the town of quiet streets, wonderful squares, parks and gardens. One, who visits it for the first time, appreciates its tidiness, conveniences and friendly people. Many big enterprises and different private firms, pure fresh drinkable water, parks and woods, a great number of shops and various centres, all these factors make Baranivka comfortable, pleasant and convenient place to work, to rest and to live in. We’re sure you won’t regret if you come to see it.

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